OHSU Hospital

OHSU is the only place in Oregon where patients reap the benefits of world-class knowledge for the most complex and the most common healthcare needs. The interdisciplinary network of expertise found at an academic health and research center such as OHSU results in a level of care unmatched in the state. This high-quality care incorporates the latest research and technology, allowing OHSU to quickly move knowledge from the laboratory to the bedside and the exam room.

As well as caring for the hardest-to-treat patients, OHSU handles by far the region’s greatest share of uninsured and government-sponsored patients. In this way the hospital serves as a valuable safety net for the state and its citizens. The extra costs related to providing this care, as well as the expense of supporting OHSU’s function as a teaching hospital, add significant operational cost.

Your gift helps give patients the gift of exceptional health care.

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