OHSU Global Health Center

OHSU Global Health Center

Globalization has spurred explosions in trade, investment and migration and produced a complex set of health challenges for the world’s populations. Treatable and preventable diseases are devastating developing nations, chronic illnesses are on the rise, and infectious diseases are rapidly re-emerging.

Meanwhile in Oregon we are welcoming a growing number of immigrants and refugee groups from countries around the world. In the process, our local health care professionals are being presented with new and, until recently, rare health conditions and sociocultural dynamics. Meeting these challenges at home and abroad will require professionals endowed with new skills and novel perspectives. In our profoundly interconnected and fragile world, everyone’s health will depend upon their ability to think globally — wherever they practice.

Such issues were recognized and articulated by the students who coalesced around promoting global health awareness. Ultimately the interest and enthusiasm engendered by the students’ activity in collaboration with faculty and staff from various OHSU institutes culminated in the founding of an interdisciplinary OHSU Global Health Center – to facilitate global health education, research, practice and advocacy across OHSU, and to promote quality and equity in health care.

Today the Center has a small footprint at home. With your help, it can have a big impact across the globe.

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OHSU Global Health Center

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