Center for Women's Health

Center for Women's Health


For American women, health care can be confusing, inconvenient and challenging. The trouble begins with a tradition of health research focused primarily on men. Add to that a complicated network of providers, a practice of women’s health care that has often focused on the pelvis and breasts, and a widespread lack of accessible women’s health information.

Since the day it opened its doors, the OHSU Center for Women’s Health has helped redefine women’s health care by uniting outstanding clinical care, advanced research and innovative patient education in one convenient location. Combining traditional and complementary medicine with all the benefits of a vital research program, the center’s specialists treat a woman’s physical, emotional and spiritual health through every stage of her life.

Health experts agree that this holistic approach stands as a national model. The center was named a National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

From the very beginning the center’s vision has been championed by women in our community who believe that with passion and conviction we can create new hope, new possibilities and a new reality for women’s health. Today we invite you to join them.


Featured Priorities:

Area of Greatest Need

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This critical unrestricted fund allows the Center to focus support where it's needed most, taking advantage of opportunities to improve the health of women. 

Education and Outreach

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Part of the mission of the Center is to empower women to become active participants in their own health. Support for this priority helps put critical educational resources in women’s hands and brings reliable health information to women and girls in communities throughout the region. 


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Administrative Coordinator
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Patient Stories

Read about women whose lives have been changed through the care they received at the OHSU Center for Women's Health.

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Center for Women's Health


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