The Philanthropy Effect on South Waterfront

OHSU Extra, Fall 2011


Industrial Past

For more than a century, land on the west bank of the Willamette River has reverberated with the sounds of lumber mills, ship yards, smelting plants and other industrial endeavors.



Land gift

Schnitzer Investment Corp. donates 20 acres of waterfront land to OHSU.


OHSU leaders begin to dream big about the future.



Center for Health & Healing

OHSU builds the nation’s first LEED Platinum certified medical building – at South Waterfront.



$40 million gift

An anonymous donor’s investment is intended to expand OHSU’s educational capacity.


OHSU begins planning Schnitzer Campus



OHSU parlays donated land and $40 million cash stake into partnership with OUS to leverage public bonds and complete funding for the Collaborative Life Sciences Building on Schnitzer Campus.



OHSU identifies Schnitzer Campus as best place to construct a new school of dentistry as well as a unique research laboratory – if additional philanthropy can be identified.



Greenlight gifts

Dentistry donors pledge more than $27 million* in three months.


OHSU greenlights construction of new school building, the Skourtes Tower, as part of CLSB project on Schnitzer Campus.


*Figure includes capital contributions previously made by OHSU School of Dentisty donors and newly committed to the South Waterfront project.