Kaye Named Layton Professor

Jeffrey Kaye, M.D.

Jeffrey Kaye, M.D.

Jeffrey Kaye, M.D., director of the OHSU Layton Aging & Alzheimer's Disease Center, has been awarded the Layton Professorship in Neurology, an endowed position supported through a $1 million contribution from the Layton family. In appointing Kaye, OHSU is recognizing a renowned expert in the field of degenerative disease and honoring his longtime relationship to the Layton family. Kaye treated Rex Layton, whose experience with Alzheimer's disease inspired the family to make long-term philanthropic investments in OHSU's neurosciences programs.

"At one level, this gift simply honors Dr. Kaye," said Ruth Layton. "His expertise and compassion are extraordinary, and we believe that his leadership of the Layton Center continues to make a tremendous difference in the lives of families like ours."

At a broader level, establishment of an endowed professorship perfectly demonstrates the power of philanthropy to magnify the OHSU effect. As a researcher, physician, teacher, mentor and administrator, Kaye's activities span the full range of missions that are unique to an academic health center. Because of that dynamic interplay, breakthroughs from Kaye's research activities reach students and patients faster. That is the OHSU effect in action.