Winter 2012

Celebrating the Power of Philanthropy


A Natural Partnership

Bob and Charlee Moore's sustained passion for healthy food combined with OHSU's world-class expertise in nutrition makes for a powerful partnership. The new Bob and Charlee Moore Institute for Nutrition & Wellness at OHSU has the potential to change the way we think about food and health.


Donor Passion Drives Big Ideas

Throughout the history of OHSU, transformational investments such as the Moores' have helped us to raise the standard of health care and drive innovation in biomedical science.


A New Dimension in Biomedical Research

Now is the time and OHSU is the place to study disease in both time and space

Welcome to hyperspace, the latest – and possibly the final – frontier in cancer research. Here, investigators invent and use one-of-a-kind laboratory instruments to expose the hidden clues in our cells that will help us control cancer. It's a totally new way to observe cancer's deadly progression, and – thanks to the power of philanthropy – it's taking shape today at OHSU.