Donor Passion Drives Big Ideas

OHSU Extra, Winter 2012

 Casey Eye Institute  Knight Cancer Institute

Throughout the history of OHSU, transformational investments such as the Moores’ have helped us to raise the standard of health care and drive innovation in biomedical science.


OHSU Casey Eye Institute

Through their sustained philanthropy, no fewer than three generations of the Casey family have demonstrated their passion for curing eye disease. As lead donors during an ambitious capital campaign during the 1980s, Harry and Marguerite Casey helped transform OHSU’s Department of Ophthalmology into a world-class eye institute, which was named in honor of their siblings James and George Casey, founders of UPS. Today, Harry’s son Paul Casey and Paul’s daughter Maureen Casey are active supporters of the Casey Translational Clinical Trials Center, where researchers and clinicians are developing a broad range of innovative therapies for blinding eye diseases.


Dotter Interventional Institute

As chairman of the OHSU School of Medicine Department of Diagnostic Radiology for 33 years, Charles T. Dotter, M.D., made significant advances in the field of interventional radiology – the use of noninvasive procedures as alternatives to surgery. Over the years Dotter developed a close, collaborative relationship with William Cook, founder of the Cook Group Incorporated, a leading medical device manufacturer. Together, Dotter and Cook developed techniques and instruments designed to allow diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as heart disease without surgery. Following Dotter’s death, William Cook made a significant philanthropic investment to establish the Dotter Interventional Institute in honor of Dotter’s important contributions to the field. Today the OHSU institute continues to develop new techniques, educate new generations of health care professionals, and offer patients a wide array of non-surgical options.


OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

In 2008 Phil and Penny Knight’s $100 million gift named the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, enabling key investments in faculty and research. The Knights said the gift was an expression of their great confidence in Brian Druker, M.D., director of the Knight Cancer Institute and the man behind the most celebrated cancer discovery in a generation – the targeted drug Gleevec. Today the Knight Cancer Institute is known worldwide for its efforts to fundamentally change what it means to have, survive and prevent cancer.


Vollum Institute

As a scientist-engineer, late Tektronix co-founder Howard Vollum was naturally drawn to the neuroscience laboratories at OHSU. His interest in experiments measuring bio-electric phenomena inspired Howard and his wife Jean to make a generous philanthropic investment to permanently endow an institute for advanced biomedical research at OHSU. Today, Vollum Institute investigators pursue basic science research that promises to make a substantial impact on our understanding of conditions such as multiple sclerosis, drug addiction, autism and stroke.