Finding a vendor that can accommodate your needs here on campus can be difficult. The Office of Protocol and Events has compiled a list of approved vendors that we recommend who strive to meet and exceed our standards on quality and customer service.

If you or your organization is interested in becoming an OHSU Approved Vendor, please fill out the Approved Vendor Application

Alcohol Vendors

Approved Alcohol Vendor

For all events that serve alcohol, the Office of OHSU Protocol and Events must be notified. We will work with the organizer, the approved alcohol vendor, and the OHSU Risk Department to ensure that all policies are being adhered to and that guidelines are being met.

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Catering Vendors

Recommended Catering Vendors

For many events, the food is what sets the tone.  Creating the desired atmosphere is our number-one goal. The Office of Protocol and Events will work with you on whatever level you need to choose a caterer and an appropriate menu that will compliment your event.

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OHSU Branded Material and Supply Vendors

Branding Vendors

OHSU promotional materials done right.  Next time your event calls for promotional items and branded merchandise, let our recommended branding vendors help you make a lasting impression.

View OHSU Recommended Branding Vendors

Production (Audio and Visual) Vendors

Production Vendors

A picture is worth a thousand words and creating and capturing the moment takes a keen eye and skill.  The Office of Protocol and Events will work with the production vendors to create the visual and audible atmosphere that will set your event apart from the rest.

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Logistic Vendors

Logistics Vendors

For events at OHSU, the Logistics Department provide efficient resources for many events and gatherings on OHSU property.  Not all items may be on hand, if that is the case the Office of Protocol and Events will coordinate with outside vendors to ensure that all resources are available and delivery is organized.

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Transportation Vendors and Hotel Resources


When arranging hotels and transportation for guests and dignitaries visiting OHSU, its important to know that their comfort and safety is an important detail in your planning process. 

View OHSU Recommended Transportation Vendors

View a list of Hotels Resources