Events in CLSB

Requesting Approval for an Event

Please review the information below regarding policies pertaining to Events in the Collaborative Life Sciences Building (CLSB). If you are interested in holding an event, please use the CLSB Event Request Form and fill in all fields. If you have any questions or require additional assistance, please email for more information.


All after classroom hours and non-academic calendar related events in the Collaborative Life Sciences Building must be approved by the Building Management Committee, regardless of organization. Events may not conflict with regularly scheduled classes and are only available on weekends unless given specific permission. All event requests are handled and booked on a first come, first served basis with no preference given based on institution.


The following locations have been designated as available for after-hours events by the Building Management Committee:

Lecture Halls
Shared Spaces
1st Floor
3 Classrooms - 25 people/room
6 Classrooms - 16 people/room
PSU Lecture Hall, 408 max capacity
Atrium, Terrace
2nd Floor
7 Classrooms - 28 people/room
2 Classrooms - 16 people/room
OSU Lecture Hall,150 max capacity
3rd Floor
2 OHSU Learning Studios - 180 people/room
OHSU Lecture Hall, 200 max capacity

These spaces are only available outside of normal classroom hours and subject to availability.  See scheduling for more information.  Receptions or events in the atrium or first floor terrace are also available for a fee and it is required that an OHSU Protocol and Event staff member is used for event coordination.

Rental Fees

Rental Fees are based on the following schedule, in addition to a $50 administrative fee for processing. Please review the notes below the table regarding HVAC and space ownership.

Internal Groups (OHSU, PSU, OSU) External Groups
Lecture Halls and Learning Studios $250/half day; $500/full day $500/half day; $750/full day
Shared Spaces:
Atrium, First Floor Terrace
$1500/day $3000/day
Terrace Only $500/day $500/day

NOTE: If an event is scheduled outside of normal building hours, event organizers will incur an additional charge to cover operating costs (HVAC, cleaning, etc). The normal building hours are defined as 6:00am – 9:00pm, Monday through Friday, and 7:00am – 6:00pm on Saturday.

NOTE: Each organization owns certain Lecture Halls and Learning Studios, as indicated in the table above, if you are renting your own organization's space you will not be charged a rental fee. The group will only be charged an administrative fee and any hard costs incurred outside of normal building operating hours as noted previously.

Assessment and Approval

All events scheduled in the CLSB must be reviewed and approved prior to acceptance.  Upon submission of an event, the following groups will be automatically notified and may deny a request or require additional information prior to approval.

  • Risk Assessment – Internal OHSU and OSU groups will be assessed and approved by OHSU Risk Management for any event.  PSU groups will be reviewed by  PSU Risk Management prior to approval of an event.
  • Security Assessment – All groups submitting an event will be reviewed by OHSU Department of Public Safety for approval.  If additional staffing for an event is needed, there will be a fee charged to the event organizer to cover any additional needs.

Alcohol Policy

Any group wishing to serve alcohol at a CLSB event must make a separate request for alcohol approval through the appropriate channels as specified below:

  • Internal OHSU and OSU groups, must submit for approval using the standard alcohol form.  Please note this submission is separate from the CLSB Event Request and can be found here.
  • All PSU groups will need to follow PSU's alcohol guidelines and submission process.  Please note this is a separate submission from the CLSB Event Request and can be found here.
  • External groups serving alcohol will need to contact the OHSU Protocol and Events office directly for approval.

Additional Event Services and Needs

  • Event Planning and Management – OHSU Protocol and Events is available for event planning and management.  Services are available per quote and may include pre-event planning, logistics coordination and day of staffing.  If interested in event support, please indicate that on your request.
  • Parking – All groups submitting events must have a plan for parking.  Parking costs must be covered by the event organizer and spaces are dependent on time of day and subject to availability.  Please see the parking office webpage  for more information.
  • AV SupportOHSU EdComm  is available for an additional fee to provide services and staffing beyond built in capabilities.  All classrooms and lecture halls have built in AV equipment and are available for event use.  The atrium and garden terrace do not have built in AV and will require rental and AV staffing from EdComm or an approved outside vendor.
  • Catering – Please refer to the OHSU preferred catering list  for an up to date list of preferred vendors.  All caterers not on this list will need to be approved by OHSU Protocol and Events to provide services in the building.  This process will involve approval from both OHSU and PSU Risk Management groups.
  • Tables, Chairs and Furniture – All classrooms and lecture halls are rented in their default configuration.  Any additional furniture or changes to the default configuration will require the use of OHSU Fleet and Delivery services for an additional fee.  Rental of the atrium and the garden terrace does not include furniture and will require the use of OHSU Fleet and Delivery services or an approved outside vendor.