Shelby Lee


We have called Doernbecher our home not once, but twice over the last few years with not one, but two children. Doernbecher is home because the people there walk through life with us and help us when we need it most and in ways we never expected. But they can only help families like ours with your help.

When we adopted our second daughter, Shelby Min Tian Lee, in 2007, she came home to us with multiple congenital heart and lung defects and a projected life expectancy of only four more years. Dr. Stephen Langley, Dr. Laurie Armsby and the rest of the cardiology team at Doernbecher changed the outcome of her story. In June 2009, Shelby came home from her last of five heart surgeries and seven cardiac catheterizations.

Now twelve years old, happy and healthy, Shelby was able to stand in front of a crowd of 300 Doernbecher supporters this past October to unveil her limited edition Nike running shoe as part of the Doernbecher Freestyle program, where patients get to design shoes that are sold to support the hospital. We’ve come a long way! We’re so thankful for the experience and love how our kids are always Doernbecher’s top priority. (Watch a video about Shelby's story on YouTube!)

While Shelby was at Nike Headquarters working on her design, our third daughter, Lily Cai Ping Lee, joined our family. She, too, had congenital heart and lung problems. On September 7, 2010, we returned to the familiar halls of Doernbecher to begin Ping’s healing process. After a 17 hour surgery, a complicated pacemaker placement, a cardiac catheterization and nearly six weeks in the hospital, Ping is home again with us and her four siblings: Shelby, Jake, Nick and Anna.

Thanks to Doernbecher, we were all together to celebrate Ping’s third birthday (but her first with us!) and the holidays for the first time as a family. We ask that you remember Doernbecher and all of the children who receive life saving care there day in and day out. Please make a gift today!

Tanya Lee
Brush Prairie, WA