Kaitlyn Finn

Kaitlyn has endured needle pricks and rounds of chemotherapy, but she still thinks of the good times and the friends she has at Doernbecher.


When asked about Doernbecher Children's Hospital, that's what comes to my daughter's mind.  She's been a Doernbecher patient since she was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a rare liver cancer, just before her third birthday. 

Since that day four years ago, Kaitlyn has been through multiple rounds of chemo, a handful of surgical procedures and hundreds of needle pokes at Doernbecher, but she doesn't think about those things.  She thinks about seeing the nurses who know her by name, riding in a red wagon down the hall and making friends on the outdoor play structures. 

I am very happy with the care she receives as well. I know she's in the hands of an outstanding team of dedicated care providers and specialists. Equally important to me, her doctors and nurses include me in decisions. The incredibly supportive staff does everything they can to make visits easier for Kaitlyn, which is why she thinks about playing instead of medical procedures.

I remember the year before Kaitlyn got sick, I was listening to 99.5 The Wolf when they did their annual Radiothon fundraiser for Doernbecher. I was so moved by the patients' stories and I took a moment to think about how lucky I was that my daughter was healthy.  Now I think about how lucky I am that Doernbecher was there for us.  

As a result of our positive experience, my family, my friends and I are now loyal Doernbecher supporters. That's the amazing thing about Doernbecher – it's here for everyone in our community, regardless of their ability to pay.  Please join me in supporting this most worthy of causes. 

Michelle Finn, mother of Kaitlyn
Damascus, OR