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Alison McIntyre
As a patient and a mother, I have experienced a full continuum of care at OHSU and OHSU Doernbecher, where a seamless connection between perinatal care, labor and delivery and the Doernbecher neonatal care center (DNCC) translated into outstanding care for me and my family.

After six years of trying to get pregnant and as many miscarriages, I finally said hello to my two beautiful twin boys, Jack and Cole. The boys spent their first weeks at the DNCC. Thanks to the amazing care they received, they are now healthy, strong and big…and quite a handful!

My experience at OHSU and OHSU Doernbecher has, across the board, been so positive. And, as far as I’m concerned, the nurses in the DNCC are angels! You can tell how much they respect their jobs and life itself by their expertise and devotion. As a new parent, especially to premature twins, I was constantly learning from the nurses and doctors at Doernbecher and I now consider myself a lifer. When Jack recently had to go to the emergency room, I didn’t even think twice about where to go. When it comes to my kids and their health, Doernbecher is always my answer.

I write to you today in hopes that you, too, will choose Doernbecher. As we welcome summer (and a season for more skinned knees, I’m sure) let’s all show our support for this great hospital that serves the region and beyond with leading edge research and fantastic patient care. Please make a gift today!

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