Recruiting new experts in immunology

Kaelyn Borlaug touches a photo of her brother, Brody, at a fundraising event to benefit Doernbecher's immunology program

Timing is everything when diagnosing and treating complex diseases with origins in a child’s bone marrow. Leukemia, metabolic disorders and pediatric immunodeficiency must be treated early while a patient is healthy enough to tolerate the challenging process of a bone marrow transplant. That’s why Doernbecher is committed to establishing a world-class pediatric immunology program  –  and why philanthropy will be critical.

Doernbecher believes kids who need it deserve close-to-home, state-of-the-art immunological services – the highest level of care backed by the power of advanced research. Building on the national stature of OHSU’s adult programs in immunological research and care, Doernbecher and its supporters have the opportunity to help fund this vital new pediatric program.

Tracy and Jeff Boarlaug with daughter KaelynThrough the Brody Borlaug Foundation, Jeff and Tracy Borlaug are working toward the same goal. Their experience supporting their son Brody through a grueling and ultimately unsuccessful 18-month battle with a rare immunodeficiency firmed their resolve to bring unsurpassed pediatric immunology to this region. Doernbecher is proud to partner with the Brody Borlaug Foundation in raising funds to recruit and endow a world-class pediatric immunology program for Doernbecher. The result will help save the lives of children like Brody.

To learn more or to make a contribution, contact the Doernbecher Foundation at 503 294-7101.