Handling Donations

Methods to submit donations

Within 30 days following your fundraiser, please submit funds payable to "Doernbecher Foundation" or "DCHF" along with donor information and a completed gift form. All donations collected should be sent to (please do not mail cash):  

Doernbecher Foundation
Attn: Mallory Tyler / Community Fundraiser
M/S 20
PO Box 4100
Portland, OR 97208

If you would like to make an appointment to personally deliver your donation, please contact Mallory Tyler at (503) 220-8344 or tylerma@ohsu.edu. The Doernbecher Foundation office is located at: 1121 SW Salmon St. Suite 100, Portland, OR 97205.


Gift Form

When submitting your final donation to the Doernbecher Foundation, please include a completed gift form.



Checks and cash donations ($5.00 or greater) clearly labeled with the donors information, will be provided with a tax deductible receipt in accordance with tax regulations. Use the Fundraising Tracking Form to keep track of your donors. 

Donors who wish to claim a tax deduction for a gift-in-kind donation, please complete and submit the gift-in-kind donation form and include the value of the donated item(s). Items must be received by the Doernbecher Foundation.

Be sure to show your appreciation to all of your donors and volunteers by sending a thank you note at the conclusion of your fundraising efforts. See our sample thank you letter.


Best practices

  • Keep checks or cash private and secure during your event or fundraiser. If you are using a bucket or box to collect donations, keep an eye on your collection point for safety.
  • Take care when traveling with donations after your event. 
  • Please inform the Foundation of any effort to recruit major financial underwriters to ensure there is no duplication of underwriting efforts already underway.