Meet Elijah Diggins

 Elijah Diggins
Age: 14
Diagnosis: Burkitt's Leukemia
Department: Pediatric Oncology
Doctor(s): Suman Malempati, M.D., Shelton Viola, M.D.
Favorite Color: Royal blue
Favorite Athlete: Lebron James
Favorite Movie: Die Hard series and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Hero: My grandfather in Japan because he volunteers in the community for many years and he puts so much effort to improve the community and helping others in need.
Perfect Day:

I become a Major League Baseball player

Stats: Doernbecher oncologists are on the cutting-edge of finding cures for childhood cancer, while providing exceptional care for kids in Oregon and southwest Washington.


Elijah's Doernbecher Freestyle Collection

Elijah's Nike Foamposite 1

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The inspiration for the sockliner was a bracelet Elijah's family gave him for his birthday.
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Elijah created a logo for his Doernbecher Freestyle collection.  It is his initials and when turned sideways it looks like a smiley face.

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Elijah's Doernbecher Freestyle collection includes a windrunner jacket and a cap.

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His jacket also includes his logo.

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