Meet Bella Stone

 Bella Stone
Age: 9
Diagnosis: Renal and hip dysplasia, kidney failure and kidney transplant (at age 2)
Department: Pediatric Nephrology
Doctor(s): David Rozansky, M.D., Ph.D., Amira Al-Uzri, M.D.
Favorite Color: Pink and purple, and blue too
Favorite Athlete: Not sure. I like gymnastics, though.
Favorite Movie: Brave and Madagascar 3
Hero: My whole family
Perfect Day:

Father-daughter dance with my dad

Stats: Kids with kidney disorders depend on Doernbecher's Nephrology specialists, who treat a wide variety of illnesses and diseases.


Bella's Doernbecher Freestyle Collection

Bella's Nike Free Run 5.0

Footwear_Hero_0370 website


Bella's shoe features a heart with a kidney shaped accent as a tribute to her aunt who donated a kidney to Bella when she was two.

Footwear_Hero_0396 website


Bella's initial surrounded by 20 hearts - each representing a surgery she's had at Doernbecher.

Footwear_Hero_0377 website



Footwear_Hero_0399 website


Bella's nickname is Miracle Baby Girl.

Footwear_Hero_0408 website


Bella designed a hoody for her Doernbecher Freestyle collection.

Footwear_Hero_0442 website


On the back reads "Brave Bella" with 20 hearts.

Footwear_Hero_0469 website