Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Nathan M. Ayotte, C.F.P., Vice President of Finance
Dana Braner, M.D., OHSU Doernbecher Interim Chair Department of Pediatrics
Jeffrey M. Borlaug, President and Committee Chair
Ann Payne Edlen, OHSUF Chair and Committee Guest
Nicholas R. Ehlen, At Large
Margaret M. Maguire, J.D., Executive Vice President 
Michael P. Hagel, Secretary
Roger W. Mills, Immediate Past President
Joseph E. Robertson Jr., M.D., R '82, OHSU President
Anne M. van der Linden, Friends of Doernbecher President
J. Craig Wessel, At Large
Candace D. Young, Ph.D., At Large

Board Members

Margaret F. Bishop 
Molly E. Boyle 
Kurt K. Bruun 
Patrick C.H. Clark 
Brittany H. Conant 
Kevin M. Director 
Michael F. Doherty 
Cheryl L. Ramberg Ford 
Robin Gantt 
Matthew Goodman 
Ronald L. Graybeal

Siouxsie Jennett
Eric W. Marvin 
Chris McGowan 
Eric R. Meier 
Douglas R. Piper 
Terry Porter 
Christine C. Rood 
Sasha Roiz 
Kelly L. Schrader 
Todd R. Stucky, C.L.U., Ch.F.C. 
Bryan L. Timm

Life Members

Mary V. Bishop
William K. Blount
Ronald G. Brake
Alyce R. Cheatham
Myron G. Child
Serge D'Rovencourt
Carol K. Ehlen
Joseph J. Hanna, Jr.
The Hon. Elizabeth K. Johnson
Alan C. Jones
Peter O. Kohler, M.D.
Linda B. Maletis
Xandra T. McKeown
K. Risa Olsen
Shirley N. Papé, R.D.
Thomas E. Sargent
John L. Trachtenberg

Honorary Members 

Dirk T. Davis
Allyn C. Ford
Terry J. Grover
Linda Rae Hickey
Kelly J. Johnson
Bruce E.W. Kerr
Sean T. Keys
M. Wakefield Mack, J.D.
Cathrine L. McCoy
Sohrab Vossoughi
DJ Wilson
Richard L. Wright, Jr.


About the board

The Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of civic and business leaders. Members are responsible for formulating long-range goals and policies for the foundation. Board members exhibit a broad range of skills and experience in order to effectively carry out their fiduciary responsibilities. Specifically, backgrounds in management, finance and audit, administration, investment and nonprofit management are beneficial, as well as an understanding of academic medical centers. Board members are philanthropically minded and support OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital with significant gifts. Members are advocates for OHSU’s vital mission and have the capacity and willingness to influence others to support the organization. Board members exhibit these characteristics: intelligence, mature judgment, highest personal and professional ethics, objectivity and superior communication skills. We seek diversity in ethnicity, gender, geography and profession to bring a variety of perspectives and voices to the board.