Career Development Projects
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The purpose of the Career Development Awards for the Pacific Northwest Regional Center of Excellence (PNWRCE) is to provide a route for junior investigators to begin research projects of interest to biodefense and emerging infectious diseases. There are two categories of awards: Junior Faculty Awards (2 awards at $100,000 per year for 2 years) and Postdoctoral Awards (2 awards for $100,000 per year for 2 years). Junior Faculty Awards are typically made to individuals at the Assistant Professor, Research Assistant Professor, or equivalent level who have long-term commitments from their institutions. Postdoctoral Awards are made to individuals performing postdoctoral training under a faculty mentor. Research projects must center on an infectious organism or immune response that is of designated importance to biodefense or emerging infectious diseases. Projects are given priority if they are relevant to the two major themes of the PNWRCE: i) systems biology approaches to pathogen-host interactions or mechanisms of innate and adaptive immunity, or ii) age-related defects in the immune system. Awardees must designate a senior faculty mentor, must present project reports at the annual meeting of the PNWRCE, and must demonstrate through these reports that the project is proceeding successfully. A major objective is to attract junior scientists, especially women and minorities, to research on biodefense and emerging infectious diseases.

CD005   Characterization of Ebola virus evasion of the host restriction factor BST-2
              Janet Douglas, Ph.D., Oregon Health & Science University

Developmental Projects

DP005   Role of antiviral & proinflammatory cytokines in Chikungunya virus-associated dis
              Victor DeFilippis, Ph.D., Oregon Health & Science University

DP006   Analysis of flavivirus induced expression changes in microRNAs and microRNA-targe
              Alec J Hirsch, Ph.D., Oregon Health & Science University

DP007   Identification of Age-Related Defects in the Response to Chikungunya Virus Infect
              Daniel Streblow, Ph.D., Oregon Health & Science University
              Ilhem Messaoudi Powers, Ph.D., Oregon Health & Science University

DP008   Viral alterations of cellular metabolism
              Michael Lagunoff, Ph.D., University of Washington

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