Michael Jarvis , Ph.D.

Research:  My research program is focused on aspects of cytomegalovirus (CMV) biology, including: viral biogenesis, pathogenesis and cellular tropism.  Many of these studies use 'state-of-the-art' bacterial artificial chromosome and lambda-based linear recombination technology mutagenesis.  I am also interested in the use of CMV as a recombinant vaccine vector.  CMV has a number of characteristics that make this virus an ideal vaccine vector candidate, including induction of high levels of virus-specific T cell immunity, a large carrying capacity for heterologous target antigens, and a ability to infect the host regardless of CMV immune status.  In a series of collaborative studies, I am investigating the ability of CMV vectors to induce protective immunity to chronic (simian immunodeficiency virus) and acute viruses (Ebola, monkeypox, poliovirus, influenza), bacteria (tetanus and tuberculosis), as well as cancer (prostate cancer).  The capacity of CMV to establish a persistent infection is believed to be a major factor in induction of the high level of characteristic T cell immunity directed against the virus (and heterologous expressed target antigens).  A final area of interest are mechanisms by which this virus manipulates the cellular environment to persist within the host.  Specifically, I am interested in the role of virus-mediated modulation of the innate immune response in establishment of virus persistence.

Biography:  Dr Jarvis received his BA in biology, cum laude, from Sonoma State University, California in 1987.  After post-graduate studies performed in the Department of Biochemistry at Trinity Hall in the University of Cambridge, England, Dr Jarvis attained his MA and PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Cailfornia at Davis in 1996.  Dr Jarvis performed his post-doctoral studies at OHSU, where he currently holds a position as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the VGTI.

Art requires philosophy, just as philosophy requires art.
-Paul Gauguin

Key Publications:

Dutia BM, Reid SJ, Drummond DD, Ligertwood Y, Bennet I, Rietberg W, Silvia O, Jarvis MA, Nash AA.  A novel Cre recombinase imaging system for tracking lymphotropic virus infection in vivo. Plos one.2009--4(8):e6492.

Hansen SG, Vieville C, Whizin N, Coyne-Johnson L, Seiss DC, Drummond DD, Legasse AW, Axthelm MK, Oswald K, Trubey CM, Piatak Jr M, Lifson JD, Nelson JA, Jarvis MA, and Picker LJ. Effector memory T cell responses are associated with protection of rhesus monkeys from mucosal simian immunodeficiency virus challenge.  Nat. Med. 2009.  Mar;15(3):293-299

Ryckman BJ, Rainish BL, Chase MC, Borton JA, Nelson JA, Jarvis MA, Johnson DC.  Characterization of the human cytomegalovirus gH/gL/UL128-131 complex that mediates entry into epithelial and endothelial cells. J Virol. 2008 Jan;82(1):60-70.

Jarvis MA, Söderberg-Naucler C and Nelson JA. Mechanisms of human cytomegalovirus persistence and latency. Cytomegaloviruses. TE. Shenk, Editor. 2009. In press

Jarvis MA and Nelson JA. Molecular basis of persistence and latency. In: Human Herpesviruses: Biology, Therapy and Immunoprophylaxis.. A. Arvin, G. Campadielli-Fiume, P. Moore, E. Mocarski, B. Roizman, R. Whitely and K. Yamanishi, Editors. Cambridge University Press 2007. Chapter 42:  765-779

Jarvis MA, and Nelson JA.  HCMV tropism for endothelial cells:  Not all endothelial cells are created equal.  J Virol. 2007 Mar;81(5):2095-101.

Jarvis MA, Borton JA, Keech AM, Wong J, Britt WJ, Magun BE, and Nelson JA.  Human Cytomegalovirus Attenuates IL-1 and TNF Proinflammatory Signaling by Inhibition of NF-B Activation. J. Virology 2006.  80: 5588-98

Ryckman BJ, Jarvis MA, Drummond DD, Nelson JA, Johnson DC.  Human cytomegalovirus entry into epithelial and endothelial cells depends on genes UL128 to UL150 and occurs by endocytosis and low-pH fusion. J Virol 80 :710-22, 2006.

Rue CA, Jarvis MA, Knoche AJ, Meyers HL, DeFilippis VR, Hansen SG, Wagner M, Fruh K, Anders DG, Wong SW, Barry PA, Nelson JA.   A cyclooxygenase-2 homologue encoded by rhesus cytomegalovirus is a determinant for endothelial cell tropism.   J Virol 78:12529-36, 2004.

Jarvis MA, Jones TR, Drummond DD, Smith PP, Britt WJ, Nelson JA, Baldick CJ. Phosphorylation of human cytomegalovirus glycoprotein B (gB) at the acidic cluster casein kinase 2 site (Ser900) is required for localization of gB to the trans-Golgi network and efficient virus replication. J Virol 78: 285-93, 2004.

Moses AV, Jarvis MA, Raggo C, Bell YC, Ruhl R, Luukkonen BG, Griffith DJ, Wait CL, Druker BJ, Heinrich MC, Nelson JA, Fruh K.   Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus-induced upregulation of the c-kit proto-oncogene, as identified by gene expression profiling, is essential for the transformation of endothelial cells.   J Virol 76 :8383-99, 2002.

Jarvis MA, Nelson JA. Mechanisms of human cytomegalovirus persistence and latency. Front Biosci. 2002. 1: d1575-82

Jarvis MA, Fish KN, Söderberg-Naucler C, Streblow DN, Meyers HL, Thomas G, Nelson JA.  Retrieval of human cytomegalovirus glycoprotein B from cell surface is not required for virus envelopment in astrocytoma cells. J. Virology 2002. 76: 5147-55

Jean F, Thomas L, Molloy SS, Liu G, Jarvis MA, Nelson JA, Thomas G. A protein-based therapeutic for human cytomegalovirus infection. PNAS 2000. 97: 2864-9

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Jarvis MA, Wang CE, Meyers HL, Smith PP, Corless CL, Henderson GJ, Vieira J, Britt WJ, Nelson JA. Human cytomegalovirus infection of Caco-2 cells occurs at the basolateral membrane and is differentiation state dependent. J. Virology 1999. 73: 4552-60

Levin LG, Jarvis M, Powell J, Harrison JA, Reisner HM. Induction of human factor VIII inhibitors in rats 2: Fine mapping of rat anti-human rFVIII antibodies. Thrombosis & Haemostasis 1996. 76: 998-1003

 Jarvis MA, Levin LG, Harrison JA, DePianto DJ, Suzuki CM, Ziaja CL, Brown JE, Jolly KW, Reisner HM, Abildgaard CF, Powell JS. Induction of human factor VIII inhibitors in rats by immunization with human recombinant factor VIII: a small animal model for humans with high responder inhibitor phenotype. Thrombosis & Haemostasis 1996. 75: 318-25



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