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Dangerous Decibels Educator Resource Guide and DVD


OHSU # 0532-C

Noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented!! The OHSU Dangerous Decibels® project mission is to significantly reduce the prevalence of noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ear) through exhibits, educational outreach, research and a variety of classroom materials and resources for educators.


The Educator Resource Guide is an illustrated, spiral paperback (8.5 x 11 and 105 pages) K-8 classroom supplement with hands-on activities, background information, and experiments. Activities cover the anatomy and physiology of hearing, how to prevent noise-induced hearing loss, and the physics of sound.


Table of Contents

  • Why Teach About Noise-Induced Hearing Loss?
  • Behavior-Related Objectives
  • Integrating Dangerous Decibels into Science Curriculum
    • The Science of Sound, Hearing, and Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: Background Information for the Teacher
    • Physics of Sound
    • Fun Facts about Sound
    • Anatomy and Physiology of the Ear: The Mechanics of Hearing
    • Causes of Hearing Loss
    • Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
    • How Loud is Too Loud? – Measuring Sound/Decibels
    • How to Use This Resource Guide and its Activities
    • Adapting Activities to Different Grade Levels
  • Classroom Activities
    • Activity 1: Good Vibrations
    • Activity 2: Bend It, Break It
    • Activity 3: Sound Measures
    • Activity 4: How Loud is Too Loud
  • Appendices A – G
    • Glossary
    • Graphics
    • Web Resources

Order the Educator Resource Guide separately ($35.00) or together with the DVD ($60.00).



This DVD is a multilayered introduction to how we hear (simple or more complex versions), what are decibels, types of hearing loss, how to protect ears, tinnitus (short or fuller version with testimonial), and more, includes demonstrations of classroom activities that can be done. Fun and appropriate for children in a classroom. Comes with a fold-out poster (7”x24”) that shows decibels levels and exposure time limits for everyday sounds, and how to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.


The DVD features…

  • About Sound and Hearing
    • What dBs Are
    • How We Hear (using the giant ear from the OMSI exhibit)
      • Simple Explanation (4:43 min)
      • More complex Explanation (11:38 min)
    • Hearing Loss (explanations and demonstrations for use in and out of the classroom)
      • Types of Hearing Loss
      • Protecting Your Ears
      • Tinnitus – Short Explanation
      • Tinnitus – Long Explanation with Testimonial
  • Classroom Activities (demonstrations coordinate with instructions in the teacher resource guide)
    • Balloon Drum (all Ages)
    • Good Vibrations (K-2nd)
    • Shake It, Break It (3rd – 5th)
    • Shape of sound (6th- 8th)
    • A Sound Balancing Act (K-2nd)
    • Sound Measures (6th-8th)
    • Sound Thermometer (all Ages)
    • Sound Level Meter (All Ages)
    • How Loud is Too Loud (interactive, All Ages)

Included in the DVD package are two activity posters that are fun to use in a classroom too.

All information delivered in a fun, conversational, and entertaining way by OMSI Educators, an OHSU hearing scientist, and a high school student. Great to show your students in a classroom and perfect to learn lots of details



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