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Multiplex PCR/Mass spectroscopy Panel for Screening Oncogene Mutations in Solid Tumors


OHSU # 1653

Technology Overview
The developers have created a large panel of assays to detect oncogenic mutations in DNA from formalin-fixed/paraffin-embedded tumors. Their latest Solid Tumor Panel consists of 496 assays that can detect 647 different mutations across 53 genes.  These materials consist of a series of PCR primers for amplifying gene regions of interest, and a second set of primers for mutation detection by primer extension reaction and mass spectroscopy readout.  An Excel-spreadsheet based tool for reading out the assay results is also part of the materials.

Beadling C, Heinrich MC, Warrick A, Forbes EM, Nelson D, Justusson E, Levine J, Neff TL, Patterson J, Presnell A, McKinley A, Winter LJ, Dewey C, Harlow A, Barney O, Druker BJ, Schuff KG, Corless CL. Multiplex Mutation Screening by Mass Spectrometry: Evaluation of 820 Cases from a Personalized Cancer Medicine Registry. J Molec Diagn (in press).



For more information, contact:

Dennis Hanson
Technology Development Manager

(terms)  $1000.00