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Centralized Geographic and Latency-Based Redirection of Game Players


OHSU # 0744


Technology Overview

The gaming and entertainment market is one of the fastest growing parts of the Internet. This invention allows game publishers to control how clients connect to servers in a fine-grained manner. The processes can save tremendous amounts in bandwidth and overhead.

Currently, each client downloads the global list of servers and individually pings each one. This technology sorts the clients based on centralized geography. The service is fully functional and has been used to redirect over 50,000 Counter-Strike game clients in one month.

The target licensee is a game company that has a large number of game servers being run in a highly distributed manner.

The code is specific to Half-Life. It's basically a mod that was developed using the HL SDK. It assumes you have a database that contains an IP address to geographic coordinate mapping. The database can't be redistributed (it is obtained via license from GeoBytes), but OHSU can send over the source code of the redirector.



For more information, contact:

Arvin Paranjpe
Technology Development Manager