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Pain Management Skills CD


OHSU # 1538

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Pain is one expression of stress in the body. One way to counter pain is to encourage a relaxation response in the body.  The relaxation response decreases heart rate, respiratory rate, muscular tension, emotional distress, and pain: all without pills! In 2005, Dr. Darnall created this Pain Management Skills CD specifically for people who have chronic pain. Over time, chronic pain leads to chronically elevated levels of stress in the body. As a pain psychologist in the Comprehensive Pain Center, Dr. Darnall knew that patients wanted alternatives to pills and wished to reclaim control over their bodies. Her CD helps listeners learn the relaxation response through a combination of breathing techniques, muscular relaxation, and positive self-statements, all of which promote body awareness and decreased psychological and physical stress. As stress declines, pain is lessened.  By listening to this 20-minute CD once or twice daily, the listener will learn techniques to better manage stress and pain. When practiced regularly, these skills optimize the mind-body connection and encourage a greater connection with our bodies, even for people who do not have chronic pain.  When we are armed with a greater connection to our bodies, we also tend to make better choices and deliver better self-care.


For best results, listen to the CD at least once daily (twice is optimal). The CD may also be useful at bedtime to fall asleep more quickly or to help alleviate anxiety.


Dr. Darnall is an assistant professor and pain psychologist in the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine at OHSU and has treated patients at the Comprehensive Pain Center since 2005.  She has 10 years of experience in treating patients with chronic pain.  For more information about her and her work, visit her website.



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