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Transformed HeLa Cell Line Clone RC.55


OHSU # 0392-F

Technology Overview:

Technology Overview
This technology is a single clone line of adherent cells that are susceptible to both T-cell trophic HIV1 isolates and Macrophage-trophic HIV-1 isolates. It has utility in determining HIV co-receptor usage, discovery of new drugs effective against HIV and in monitoring drug therapy protocol to enhance the effectiveness of drug treatment regimes against HIV-1 infection. Cell clones are available that express discrete and different quantities of CD4 or CCR5. By measuring titers in the different clones in the presence or absence of test entry inhibitors or antibodies, critically important information about the functions of inhibitors is obtained.


The specific clone under this technology is clone RC.55.



Cost-effective high throughput method for analyzing the drug resistant phenotype of primary AIDS virus isolates derived from individuals receiving antiretroviral treatment.

Considered standard cell line for use in therapeutic drug development of HIV treatment.


Cell Line Characteristics
Human HeLa cells were transduced with a retroviral vector to synthesize very high levels of CD4 (the primary receptor for HIV1) and of CCR5 (the coreceptor for macrophagetropic strains of HIV1). High levels of CD4 are required for efficient infections by primary patient isolates of HIV-1 in HeLa cells. The CCR5 broadens the use of these same cells by enabling them to be efficiently infected by macrophage-trophic strains of HIV-1.


The resulting clones of HeLa cells are sensitive to all tested isolates of HIV-1, with titers as high as tissue culture infectious doses measured in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (the highest standard for sensitivity).


Selected Publication

Platt, E. J., Wehrly, K., Kuhmann, S. E., Chesebro, B. & Kabat, D. (1998). Effects of CCR5 and CD4 cell surface concentrations on infections by macrophagetropic isolates of human immunodeficiency virus type 1. J Virol 72, 2855-64.


The cell line clone RC.55 is available for non-exclusive licensing.


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