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Automatic microelectrode recording analysis and visualization for improved target localization


OHSU # 0689


Technology Overview

This technology is directed at improving visualization of the target location and neuronal structures along the stereotactic trajectory during neurosurgery. For example, in Parkinson's disease patients, visualization and target determination is desirable in order to correctly place the deep brain stimulator electrode or ablate the correct neurons to treat symptoms associated with the disease. The technology is embodied in computer algorithms that can be incorporated into existing neurosurgical workstations so that analysis and visualization are performed at substantially the same time.

Competitive Advantages

The method makes electrophysiologic target confirmation fast and easy thus reducing surgical time

No need for the surgeon to mentally keep track of how the recording change as the microelectrode is moved through different structures, all information is plotted for each recorded depth thus improving electrode placement.



For more information, contact:

Arvin Paranjpe
Technology Development Manager