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High Density, Passively Cooled, Modular Data Center


OHSU # 1514

Technology Overview:

Companies managing their own data centers face intractable difficulties in reducing energy and maintenance costs.
Mired with poor power usage effectiveness (PUE) data centers, most companies would like to migrate their systems into high efficiency data centers. However, many green data centers require all legacy hardware to be replaced with new homogeneous central processing units (CPUs). Others involve a large footprint, high maintenance costs, and/or poor versatility to accomodate newly developed computer hardware and cooling technologies.

The Data Dome combines world class power efficiency with unmatched operational cost savings.
The high-efficiency, Tier 3+ data center nets a PUE of 1.13. The lights out, low maintenance facility does not incorporate chillers, computer room a/c units, duct work, heaters, humidifiers or exhaust fans. Instead, the geodesic dome provides a massive surface area for air intake around the lower perimeter of the dome and exhaust around the circumference of the cupola. It allows up to 750,000 cubic feet per minute of airflow at the velocity of a light breeze. Due to high volume air flow, the Data Dome can accommodate densely packed equipment with an average of 25kW/rack of available power for all racks, and a peak power availability of 40kW/rack. When compared with industry average power efficiencies, the Data Dome running at full capacity may offset much of its construction costs in just a few years due to energy savings alone and will continue to deliver significant annual cost savings thereafter.

First-rate versatility empowers data center operators to scale and equip appropriately over time.
Ten modular data pods distribute radially around a network distribution hub. Data center operators may choose to build out only a few of the data rooms upon initial construction, deferring construction costs later in time as needed. Unlike many other green data centers that require primarily homogeneous equipment to obtain low PUE ratios, OHSU’s data center is able to achieve a very low PUE while accommodating a wide range of heterogeneous equipment throughout the facility. Consequently, low power legacy systems can be housed alongside high power or experimental systems in any location without the need for physical segregation and loss of efficiency. In addition, future data pods may be served by air handlers, water cooling technology or a heterogenous mix between data rooms in the same data center.  


Intellectual Property
Patent Profile: PCT Patent Application PCT/US2012/46641; US and EU Patent Applications Currently Pending.

Copyright Profile: OHSU owns the copyrights in the architectural plans and specifications. 


Licensing Opportunity

Prototype Information: Construction of the Data Dome was first completed in July 2014.  It is available for tours for parties interested in licensing the copyrighted plans and the patent rights.




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