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Do It Yourself Mirror Therapy


OHSU # 1513

Technology Overview:

Phantom Pain?  Learn how to stop it yourself! 

Dr. Darnall's scientific evidence shows that mirror therapy is a simple treatment for phantom pain that patients can use to treat themselves!

The instructional DVD includes:

      background information

       patient testimonials

       patient demonstrations

       specific treatment instructions

      answers to frequently asked questions

       tips for success

The DVD is appropriate for  anyone with phantom pain. Physicians, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, psychologists, and pain clinic staff may also make the DVD available to their patients with phantom pain. "Do it Yourself Mirror Therapy!" is a wonderful clinical tool and affordable patient resource. Dr. Darnall takes this evidence-based treatment and brings it right to your doorstep.





For more information, contact:

Michele Gunness
Senior Technology Development Manager

(terms)  $25.00