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CORI (Clinical Outcomes Research Initiative) Endoscopy Procedure Software


OHSU # 1418


NOTE: This is a site license for the CORI Software with 5 user login accounts.

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To obtain additional software interfaces for CORI Software, visit the following links:

CORI-ADT interface using HL7

CORI-Image import using HL7

CORI-Pathology import using HL7

CORI-Pathology interface with Caris Diagnostics

CORI-Pathology interface with GI Pathology Partners

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Technology Overview

The Clinical Outcomes Research Initiative (CORI) offers full-featured endoscopy reporting software that matches the speed of dictation with the point-and-click operation. The CORI software supports the entire endoscopic procedure process from scheduling the patient to faxing the referring provider report. CORI's extensive database helps you stay on top of practice results.

CORI creates customized reports for endoscopic and non-endoscopic procedures including: Colonoscopy, Flexible sigmoidoscopy, Capsule endoscopy, EGD, Endoscopic Ultrasound (coming soon), and ERCP

CORI software has been in use in hospitals, universities, Veteran's hospitals (VA's) and private practices since 1995. We currently have over 100 sites using our software across the United States and Canada.

CORI software offers significant benefits for physicians, providers, patients and the practice:

For the endoscopist:

-Captures critical procedure data and associated CPT and ICD-9 codes by working through a series of intuitive screens

-Creates a detailed report that includes key images and findings

-Eliminates time and resources spent on dictation and reviewing transcription

For the referring provider:

-Offers immediate report turn-around time

-Provides a detailed report that can be automatically faxed to the referring provider's office

For the patient:

-Generates preparatory and post-procedure instructions important for a successful procedure and outcome

-Ensures fast post-procedure followup

For the practice:

-Improves the bottom line by reducing costs, enhancing productivity, and maximizing reimbursement

-Complies with all HIPAA regulations and supports JCAHO and compliance audit activities

-Provides extensive management reports to track practice activity and benchmarks against national practice trends

-Offers superior support for software implementation, customization, training, and ongoing operation



For more information, contact:

Arvin Paranjpe
Technology Development Manager

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