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Remote endarterectomy device


OHSU # 2421

Technology Overview:

Technology Summary:

A surgical device comprising design features to allow flexibility and differential size accommodations for peripheral vascular plaque removal.

Executive Summary:

Problem: Remote endarterectomy is used in peripheral vascular surgery to remove plaque from an occluded femoral artery. Products currently used by surgeons have limited flexibility with a fixed diameter metal ring that cannot accommodate changes in the size of the artery and irregular, calcified plaque formation. Problems arise with vessel perforation, plaque breakage and incomplete plaque removal.

Solution: An improved product incorporating human factors features and flexibility of the ring to more easily remove plaque and encompass a wider range of applications such as stent removal.  Potential advantages of the OHSU device include:


•       Safely remove arterial plaque of varying sizes and configurations;

•       Versatility of device allows for additional uses;

•       Similarity to existing methodology means easier adoption by surgeons.




In the United States alone, 8-12 million people have peripheral arterial disease. These numbers are increasing due to persistent risk factors such as smoking, diabetes, and age. The expected annual growth rate in peripheral arterial disease is 4.22%.With a better designed device, more vascular surgeons would be willing to utilize this technique, and thereby, increase the market.


Technology Status:


A proof of concept device has been developed.


Inventor:  Gregory J. Landry MD, is a professor of Surgery, Division of Vascular Surgery. Among Dr. Landry's clinical areas of focus is lower and upper arterial and venous disease, abdominal aortic aneurysms, cerebrovascular disease, hemodialysis access and renovascular and visceral arterial disease.


Patent Status:

A US Provisional patent application has been filed.





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Michele Gunness
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