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Opioid Antagonists and Methods of Their Use (Orphanin & analogs)


OHSU # 0349

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Technology 0349 relates to a novel mammalian anti-opioid receptor protein (OFQR), peptide ligands (such as OFQ) that bind to OFQR, and methods of using the OFQ peptide and analogues to reverse the physiologic effects of opiates such as morphine.  The isolation, characterization and pharmacological use of the endogenous peptide ligand is described.  A particular embodiment of the OFQ peptide is a heptadecapeptide having an FGGF aminoterminal motif. 


The peptide specifically binds to an OFQ receptor protein heterologously expressed in mammalian cells. The peptide does not bind with high affinity to more classical opioid receptors, but it antagonizes opioid mediated effects (such as analgesia and hypothermia) without increasing nociceptive sensitivity. Tyrosine substitution variants of the peptide ligand specifically bind to the opioid receptor and can be radioiodinated.  Also provided are methods of making such peptide ligands and OFQR antagonists, and methods of using the ligands for diagnostic and therapeutic uses and for the identification of other naturally-occurring or synthetic opioid receptor ligands.



IssuedEuropean Patent Convention00843726
IssuedUnited Kingdom0843726

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