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Nasogastric Tube (NGT) with Proprietary Features


OHSU # 2403

Technology Overview:

Technology Summary:

A modification to currently used nasogastric tubes comprising proprietary features and strategic drain holes.

Executive Summary:

Problem: Currently used nasogastric tubes have a sump port to prevent occlusion of the tube holes against the stomach wall. Problems arise when the sump port clogs necessitating inserting a new nasogastric tube.

Solution: A modification of the existing product to add propiretary features and strategically placed holes to keep the nasogastric tube away from the stomach wall and promote drainage.


Technology Status:


Concept drawing only: no proof of concept device built yet. 


Inventor:  Elizabeth A. Fialkowski, MD, is an assistant professor of Surgery, Division of Pediatric Surgery. Her clinical interests include pediatric surgery and surgical oncology.





For more information, contact:

Michele Gunness
Senior Technology Development Manager