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DRα1-MOG-35-55 treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury


OHSU # 2402

Technology Overview:

Treatment of traumatic brain injury is limited to medications to limit secondary damage to the brain, surgery to relieve pressure on the brain, and rehabilitation. The OHSU discovery uses a proprietary construct comprised of the human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-DRα1 domain linked covalently to mouse (m)MOG-35-55 peptide (DRα1-MOG-35-55 construct) to reduce CNS inflammation and tissue injury in animal models of multiple sclerosis and ischemic stroke.  Daily injections of DRα1-MOG-35-55 significantly reduced numbers of infiltrating CD74+ and CD86+ macrophages and increased numbers of CD206+ microglia in the brain concomitant with smaller lesion sizes and improvement in neurodeficits.  Conversely, DRα1-MOG-35-55 treatment of TBI increased numbers of circulating CD11b+ monocytes and their expression of CD74 but had no detectable effect on cell numbers or marker expression in the spleen.  These results demonstrate that DRα1-MOG-35-55 therapy can reduce CNS inflammation and significantly improve histological and clinical outcomes after TBI.  Future studies will further examine the potential of DRα1-MOG-35-55 for treatment of TBI. 



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