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Computational Model Analysis of I/V Relation Currents of Vascular Cells


OHSU # 1275


Technology Overview

This Computational Model Analysis of I/V Relation Currents of Vascular Cells provides rapid and improved data analysis of drug candidates in a single whole cell electrophysiology experiment.

Ion channels represent an important drug target class, yet high-throughput electrophysiological screening techniques for simultaneous monitoring of drug action on multiple receptors ceases to exist in industry. The development of anti-hypertension and other cardio vascular drugs often requires complete profiling of the compounds cellular actions. Because drugs often interact with multiple ion channels, the traditional one-by-one patch-clamped measurement needs to be repeated for each distinct ion channel. This iterative process is labor and resource intensive, and is not cost effective.

Electrophysiological techniques that control the voltage of the cellular membrane have distinct advantages. Electrophysiological techniques are particularly useful for voltage-gated channels, as the ligand for these channels can then be precisely controlled.

OHSU's computational software can accurately describe the overall cellular activity, resolving the limitation of traditional single current patch clamp measurements. Therefore, the data obtained using the computational model analysis is more efficient and is likely to be more accurate than traditional techniques by measuring total membrane potential.

Market Summary

The addition of this software to current systems provides a competitive advantage by:

? Reducing the number of required experiments for complete profiling of the compounds cellular actions.

(A typical study would require many assays to measure a drugs interaction with each type of ion channel for complete current analysis. )

? Allowing research teams to analyze a broader array of drugs on multiple cell lines in less time at an overall more manageable cost without purchase of new laboratory


? Estimates for the ion channel screening market $58.9 million

? Forecasted Market Growth Rate of 8%

Value Proposition

Better accuracy, efficacy and less toxicity than current methods for treating lung cancer.

Can make radiation a viable option for some patients, who otherwise cannot withstand the discomfort and toxicity of conventional radiation due to their severely compromised lung function.

Can be applied to the treatment of other abdominal tumors affected by motion (liver, pancreas kidney etc.)

Competitive Environment

OHSU Technology 1275 is available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing.



For more information, contact:

Arvin Paranjpe
Technology Development Manager