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DNA Repair Enzymes: T4-pdg and cv-pdg pyrimidine dimer-specific DNA glycosylase/abasic site lyases


OHSU # 1253

Technology Overview

DNA repair enzymes T4-pdg and cv-pdg are useful reagents which can be sold individually or in kits. These enzymes are pyrimidine dimer-specific DNA glycosylase/abasic site lyases that are routinely used to quantitate cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers in UV-irradiated DNAs.  The genes encoding each lysase are PCR amplified in order to engineer unique DNA restriction sites and subcloned into an E. coli expression vector with an inducible promoter and a 6 histidine tag for single step purification. The purity of the preparation is assessed and the final concentration of the enzyme can be adjusted to that desired by the particular company.




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Dennis Hanson
Technology Development Manager

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