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ImmortaMAITs: immortalized Mucosal Associated Invariant T (MAIT) cells as new human cell line reagents for human immunobiology research


OHSU # 2274

Technology Overview:

The Immorta-MAITs are human mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells.  There are ten cell lines which are confirmed to express the MAIT T cell receptor alpha (TRAV1-2) and full TCR sequencing has been performed.  The cell lines stain with an MR1-tetramer loaded with a MAIT antigen 5-OP-RU and not control MR1-tetramer loaded with 6FP.  The Immorta-MAITs are able to grow in a simple media without the addition of cytokines, human serum, or stimulation.  These cell lines are clonal and were generated by single cloning methods from healthy thymus tissue not tumor tissue.  The ten cell lines are Immorta-MAIT EM-D6, EM-D5, EM-C5, EM-B11, IK-C1, IK-B12, JK-A8, MG-B4, MG-A11, and MG-A4



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Michele Gunness
Senior Technology Development Manager