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Jolene Instruction Manual


OHSU # 1235

Technology Overview
Jolene is a system for measuring the sound levels of personal stereo systems. She is part of the Dangerous Decibels education and research projects. Jolene was constructed using a used fashion mannequin and a sound level meter wired to a silicon ear. Jolene makes appearances at schools and universities, scientific meetings, health fairs, and many other public events.  She always attracts a crowd and is helpful for promoting noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus prevention.  Jolene has also been used as a research tool to study the beliefs and listening practices regarding personal stereo systems.


The "Jolene" Instructional Manual gives detailed instructions for the construction and use of the "Jolene" mannequin to be used for hearing health education. Jolene is built and attired to appeal to young people and measures the output of personal stereo devices.


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