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Balance Evaluation Systems Test: BESTest


OHSU # 1185


Technology Overview

Current clinical balance assessment tools do not determine the underlying constraints on a balance disorder. The BESTest is a new clinical balance assessment tool that is unique in allowing clinicians to determine the type of balance problems in patients. The BESTest combines both original tasks and tasks/items taken from the literature to create a systematic, theoretical framework for identifying the underlying constraints of a balance disorder. Rather than just assuming that �balance� is one system, the BESTest breaks down control of balance into six distinct parts based on different systems underlying control of balance: I. Biomechanics, II. Stability Limits, III. Automatic Postural Responses, IV. Anticipatory Postural Adjustments, V. Sensory Orientation, and VI. Dynamic Balance During Gait.

The BESTest has excellent inter-rate reliability and validity. The BESTest allows the clinician to document balance disorders and improvement with therapy, thereby increasing third party payer reimbursement. This is an educational DVD that teaches clinicians how to accurately administer and score the BESTest. Video examples of patients with balance disorders performing the tests are provided so clinicians can improve their balance testing skills.

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NOTE: Acquiring the DVD is NOT required to administer the BESTest. However, Dr. Horak recommends that for one to accurately administer and score the BESTest, one should either attend an in-person training session or acquire/watch the video training.

Some users of Mac OSX 10.7 and above have experienced problems with the BESTest DVD. Please include a comment when you check out that you will be using the DVD on this system so our researchers can send a version which will work best.

One of the tools used in adminstering the BESTest is available from third parties:

The Foam Block: Basic T-Foam Cushion, Medium, 18"x16"x4" , Item # 172M

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Airex Balance Pad Elite: Item No.:81001-ET

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Trina Voss
Technology Development Manager

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