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Exercising Together Partnered Strength Training Program


OHSU # 2104

Technology Overview:

An evidenced based strength training program designed for couples coping with chronic illness. Unlike currently available programs, the OHSU program targets the physical and emotional health of each member of a couple. Program incorporates a communication approach during exercise training which requires both partners to exercise as a unit to facilitate healthy communication. Materials available include a hard copy manual, CD’s, and optional on-site instructor training.

Creators: School of Nursing: Kerri M. Winters-Stone, Ph.D., Research Professor whose expertise and research focuses on the use of physical activity to prevent and manage chronic disease. Karen S. Lyons, Ph.D., Associate Professor, focuses on relational issues in older adults with chronic illness. Jessica Dobek, Research Associate who works in the area of chronic disease.

Relevant reference: Winters-Stone KM, Lyons KS, Nail LM, Beer TM. The Exercising Together Project: Design and recruitment for a randomized, controlled trial to determine the benefits of partnered strength training for couples coping with prostate cancer. Contemp Clin Trials 33(2):342-350, 2012

To further develop this technology into an online, web-based program, collaboration is sought through a sponsored research arrangement with OHSU.




For more information, contact:

Michele Gunness
Senior Technology Development Manager