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cDNA Clone Encoding an Expressible GABA Transporter


OHSU # 0253

Technology Overview

DNA molecules encoding a GAT-B transporter activity are disclosed.  The GAT-B activity is sensitive to  -alanine, is expressed predominantly in neurons, and exhibits other characteristics distinguishing it from other GABA transporter activities. 

Also disclosed are cloned cDNAs encoding GAT-B activity that can be incorporated into expression vectors and used to transfect various types of cells; the nucleotide sequence of GAT-B cDNA; an amino acid sequence of the GAT-B protein; nucleotide sequences complementary or substantially homologous to either strand of the GAT-B DNA; various primers useful for probes of GAT-B- specific RNA and DNA sequences; various host cells transfected by GAT-B-specific DNA and/or RNA; and methods for transforming non- neural cells to cells that express GAT-B.



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