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Anti-CB1 / Anti-CNR1 Monoclonal Antibodies: (Clone 3A3 - Conformationally sensitive)


OHSU # 1744-A

Technology Overview:

*       Mouse monoclonal antisera against human Cannabinoid Receptor 1 (anti-CB1, anti-CNR1). Clone: 3A3.

*       This laboratory has produced the only monoclonal antibodies on the market that recognizes the well conserved 3rd intracellular loop of CB1 (connecting transmembrane domains 5 and 6).

*       The antibodies were generated in Dr. David Farrens' laboratory at OHSU and are useful for research involving cannabinoid receptors.

*       Antiserum from clone 3A3 can recognize native, solubilized CB1 receptor in fluorescence detected size-exclusion chromatography.


Isotype:    IgG2b, kappa (3A3)

Concentration:     1.0 mg/mL

Species recognized:         Human (may cross react with mouse and rat)

Applications:                    Western blot (1:50,000);  Immunofluorescence (1:1,000)

Licensing Opportunity:

*       The antisera, purified antibodies, and hybridoma clone are available for non-exclusive licensing.

*       Purified CB1 proteins are also available for non-exclusive licensing.

*       This is a conformation sensitive monoclonal anti-CB1 antibody. 


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For more information, contact:

Michele Gunness
Senior Technology Development Manager

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