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D1 Cloned Genes Encoding Dopamine Receptor


OHSU # 0195

Technology # 0195 Overview

Technology # 0195 is cloned genes which code for the D1 dopamine receptor.  The receptors coded for by these clones bind dopamine ligands with the proper pharmacological profiles and, when expressed in the cell membrane of a suitable host and so bound, stimulate adenylyl cyclase. 


Also disclosed are vectors comprising a cloned gene encoding a D1- dopamine receptor, cells transformed with such vectors, and oligonucleotide probes capable of selectively hybridizing to DNA comprising a portion of a gene coding for a D1-dopamine receptor.  The cloned genes are useful for making proteins and cell membrane preparations which can be used to screen compounds for D1-dopamine receptor binding activity, are useful in molecular biology, and are useful as diagnostic probes.




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Trina Voss
Technology Development Manager