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Mobile app for cardiology- Congestive Heart Failure


OHSU # 1953

Technology Overview:

Medical providers are limited in how they can interact with the electronic medical record, particularly when they are taking care of complex patients like in Congestive Heart Failure. Our product will provide busy clinicians a more intuitive and functional alternative.

We are redefining how providers interact with EMR. We are taking advantage of many features that modern IT provides (e.g. touch screens, gestures, animations, layered interfaces, voice recognition) and that are not currently available in existing systems.

We have developed a data model for CHF patients, a series of dashboards (using Tableau Software) that combine data from autonomous data sources.  Data formats are compatible with source databases such as Oracle and MS SQL Server.

The display combines clinical events (e.g. hospitalization and office visits with a quantitative measure (e.g. patient's weight) in one adjustable graph. An echocardiogram can be played in a cine-loop by touching a data point for a particular date on the graph.


Stage of Development:

A functional iPhone prototype app has been developed that includes user interactivity, graphing, and display of echocardiography results and cine loops.  The performance and image quality has been tested using clinical data.


Available Opportunities:

This technology is available for collaborative development opportunities.




For more information, contact:

Trina Voss
Technology Development Manager