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Stopcock Clamp


OHSU # 1905


Technology Summary:

 U-shaped device to hold medical tubing or other cylindrical objects in place.

Value Proposition

Reducing contamination in the medical setting is a priority of health care organizations. This single use, disposable, and easy to use device anchors medical tubing in place.

Executive Summary

Problem: Management and organization of medical tubing in patients can be challenging. Frequently, tubing and ports such as stopcocks may fall and be exposed to contamination. A current practice is to allow tubing to hang loose or be attached to a solid surface with tape. 

Solution: James Hilliard, an instructor in Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine, identified a need in the clinical setting, including operating rooms, and designed a simple, disposable device to hold medical tubing, ports and stopcocks in place reducing contamination and confusion in the operating room.

Background: Reduction of central line associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) is a priority of the World Health Organization, Centers for disease Control, the Joint Commission, and OHSU. CLABSI is caused by healthcare workers, and, as a “never event”, is considered unreimbursable by the Centers for Medicare Services.  CLABSI has a reported mortality of 12-25% and costs the US health care system approximately $2.3 billion yearly. The CDC estimates 1 in 20 patients gets an infection each year while receiving medical care. About 41,000 bloodstream infections strike hospital central line patients each year. Strategies to reduce infection include hand hygiene, glove use, and hub and medical tubing care.

IP Protection

  A US Provisional patent application was filed 12/10/2013 and a US Non-provisional patent application was filed 12/09/2014. A working prototype has been produced and utilized in the medical setting.





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