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Novel Pyrroloquinazolines as Anti-cancer Agents


OHSU # 1851


Novel and Effective Compounds for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University have discovered a novel lead compound that is active against triple negative breast cancer through what is believed to be a novel (unknown at this point-target identification underway) mechanism of action. The lead compound is not cytotoxic and represents a tremendous opportunity to develop the first selective drug for treatment of triple negative breast cancer. This intellectual property provides a platform for a drug development program focused on lead optimization of novel compounds acting under a novel mechanism of action.

Patent: Application filed

If interested in learning more, please contact Tecnology Transfer and Business Development (techmgmt@ohsu.edu) and reference Tech Id No. 1851.

Investigator: Xiangshu Xiao, PhD



Patents Filed


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