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Biochemical Stabilization of Glucagon


OHSU # 1815

Glucagon formulation for closed-loop Type 1 diabetes management systems

A proprietary, stable formulation of glucagon has been developed at OHSU for use in closed loop glycemic manage­ment systems comprising sensors and pumps.  Ideally, small doses of glucagon need to be kept in a portable pump for 3 days at room temperature to body temperature for subcutaneous delivery.  The major problem that prevents this use is glucagon’s chemical instability after its reconstitution – it aggregates and degrades. In solution, glucagon is highly unstable, and must be reconstituted often for the closed loop application. OHSU researchers have solved this problem with a more stable formulation of glucagon suitable for use in closed loop glycemic manage­ment systems.


Patent Status:

US Provisional patent application filed



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Michele Gunness
Senior Technology Development Manager