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Manganese oxidase enzyme for biotechnological applications


OHSU # 1789


Manganese Oxidase Enzyme for Biotechnological Applications

Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University have discovered and optimized the first known method of isolating manganese oxidase enzymes that catalyze the oxidation of manganese (II) to manganese (IV); an industrial process that has been hindered by the inability to produce the purified enzyme. The biotechnological applications for the enzyme include degradation of organic pollutants, removal and recovery of valuable and toxic elements from waters and wastewaters, in situ immobilization and detoxification of heavy metals in soils and sediments, immobilization on an electrode for energy generation or as a biosensor for certain reactive chemicals, or to assist the breakdown of natural recalcitrant organic compounds.

Investigator: Bradley Tebo, PhD

Patent: A United States Patent Application has been filed is available for licensing.



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