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OHSU # 2392Drug Information Application, Database, Administration Website, Marketing WebsiteSeth Hartman, Rebecca Britton, Proceso Neil Edillo
OHSU # 2158ACE-15, a brief psychometric measure of clinical teamwork skillsVirginia Tilden, Elizabeth Eckstrom
OHSU # 2104Exercising Together Partnered Strength Training ProgramKerri Winters-Stone, Jessica Dobek, Karen Lyons
OHSU # 2083Medical Illustration of a metastatic tumor of the thoracic spinal columnAndrew Rekito
OHSU # 1868Oregon Index of Endocrine NeoplasiasMira Milas, Enrique Leon
OHSU # 1740Tinnitus Functional IndexMary Meikle
OHSU # 1732Internet mindfulness meditation interventionHelane Wahbeh
OHSU # 1675Drug Effectiveness Report: "HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors (Statins) and Fixed-dose Combination Products Containing a Statin"Drug Effectiveness Review Project
OHSU # 1365Mexican Spanish female diphone voiceEsther Klabbers-Judd, Alexander Kain
OHSU # 1364Mexican Spanish male diphone voiceEsther Klabbers-Judd, Alexander Kain
OHSU # 1363American English female diphone voice (TL)Esther Klabbers-Judd
OHSU # 1362American English female diphone voice (AS)Esther Klabbers-Judd, Alexander Kain
OHSU # 1361American English male speaker diphone voiceEsther Klabbers-Judd, Alexander Kain
OHSU # 1360German male speaker diphone voiceAlexander Kain, Esther Klabbers-Judd
OHSU # 1359German female speaker diphone voiceEsther Klabbers-Judd, Alexander Kain
OHSU # 1195Clear-Speech Corpus, Speaker JPHJohn-Paul Hosom, Alexander Kain, Akiko Kusumoto, Margaret Mitchell
OHSU # 1162-AThe Pacific Northwest Anti-Inflammatory Reference Cookbook (PDF)Martha McMurry, Lila Ojeda
OHSU # 1051On the Same PageCharity Rowland, Philip Schweigert
OHSU # 1050Design to Learn Model and Instructional MaterialsCharity Rowland, Philip Schweigert
OHSU # 0952Sound Identification TutorJacques de Villiers
OHSU # 0949Educational Videotape About Retinopathy of Prematurity and CryotherapyEarl Palmer
OHSU # 0851Design to Learn - First Things First: Early Communication for Pre-symbolic Child with Severe DisabilitiesCharity Rowland, Philip Schweigert
OHSU # 0840Safe Moves DVD for Patient TransportationEd Marcell
OHSU # 0785Design to Learn: Hands-On Learning PostersCharity Rowland, Philip Schweigert
OHSU # 0681-TCORPORA from CSLU: Yes/No v1.2 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-SCORPORA from CSLU: Voices v1.0 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-RCORPORA from CSLU: The Spoltech Brazilian Portuguese v1.0 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-QCORPORA from CSLU: Stories v1.2 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-PCORPORA from CSLU: SR4X v1.2 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-OCORPORA from CSLU: Spelled and spoken words v1.2 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-NCORPORA from CSLU: Speaker recognition v1.1 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-MCORPORA from CSLU Portland cellular v1.3 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-LCORPORA from CSLU: Numbers v1.3 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-KCORPORA from CSLU: National cellular v2.3 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-JCORPORA from CSLU: Names v1.3 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-ICORPORA from CSLU: Multilanguage telephone speech v1.2 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-HCORPORA from CSLU: Multichannel overlapping numbers CSLU
OHSU # 0681-GCORPORA from CSLU: Kids speech v1.1 CSLU
OHSU # 0681-FCORPORA from CSLU: Isolet CSLU
OHSU # 0681-ECORPORA from CSLU: Foreign accented English CSLU
OHSU # 0681-DCORPORA from CSLU: Cellular words and phrases CSLU
OHSU # 0681-CCORPORA from CSLU: Apple words and phrases CSLU
OHSU # 0681-BCORPORA from CSLU: Alphadigit CSLU
OHSU # 0681-ACORPORA from CSLU: 22 Language CSLU
OHSU # 0679ATLAS & ATHENA: Athletes Training and Learning to Avoid Steroids & Athletes Targeting Healthy Exercise and Nutrition AlternativesLinn Goldberg, Diane Elliot
OHSU # 0665Voice Transformation (High Resolution)Alexander Kain
OHSU # 0631Full Text To Speech with OGIResLPCMichael Macon