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Therapeutics - Cancer

OHSU # 1851Novel Pyrroloquinazolines as Anti-cancer AgentsXiangshu Xiao, Jingjin Chen, Bingbing Li
OHSU # 1699Pharmaceutical compositions comprising napthamidesXiangshu Xiao
OHSU # 1295Naphthamides as anticancer agents inhibiting CREB-mediated gene transcriptionXiangshu Xiao, Bingbing Li
OHSU # 1165Inhibition of DNA polymerase kappa and its structural homologs and orthologs to augment chemotherapeutic or antimicrobial effectivenessR. Stephen Lloyd, Irina Minko
OHSU # 1059Enhanced repair of ultraviolet light-damaged DNA by topical delivery of pyrimidine dimer glycosylases in phospholipid liposomesR. Stephen Lloyd, Amanda McCullough