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OHSU # 2392Drug Information Application, Database, Administration Website, Marketing WebsiteSeth Hartman, Rebecca Britton, Proceso Neil Edillo
OHSU # 2131Mammography Screening Decision AidPaula Scariati, Karen Eden, Heidi Nelson
OHSU # 1909High Spatial Resolution Brain Metabolic ImagingWilliam Rooney, Xin Li
OHSU # 1868Oregon Index of Endocrine NeoplasiasMira Milas, Enrique Leon
OHSU # 1742Software for Real-space Refinement of Macromolecular Structures: Software to Improve the Fit of Biomolecular Models to Experimental ImagesMichael Chapman, Andrew Trzynka, Brynmor Chapman
OHSU # 1654Software for Reduced-Dimension Data Assimilation (RDDA)Todd Leen, Zhengdong Lu, Rudolph Van der Merwe, Sergey Frolov, Antonio Baptista
OHSU # 1444Algorithm For Automated Detection of MelanomaDaniel Gareau, Ricky Hennessy, Steven Jacques
OHSU # 1365Mexican Spanish female diphone voiceEsther Klabbers-Judd, Alexander Kain
OHSU # 1364Mexican Spanish male diphone voiceEsther Klabbers-Judd, Alexander Kain
OHSU # 1363American English female diphone voice (TL)Esther Klabbers-Judd
OHSU # 1361American English male speaker diphone voiceEsther Klabbers-Judd, Alexander Kain
OHSU # 1359German female speaker diphone voiceEsther Klabbers-Judd, Alexander Kain
OHSU # 1191Novel location, novel object recognition test for use in children and the elderlyJacob Raber
OHSU # 1190Memory Island spatial navigation test for use in children and the elderlyJacob Raber, Dean Inman
OHSU # 1182Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Detection and Quantification of Fibrosis in Human MyocardiumMichael Jerosch-Herold, Sumeet Chugh
OHSU # 11743-D directional blood perfusion mapping by use of optical coherence angiography in vivo OCTRuikang Wang
OHSU # 1109A multidimensional data base of real-time life activity, clinical and biological data for informing health outcomes and careJeffrey Kaye, Tamara Hayes, Michael (Misha) Pavel
OHSU # 1080In vivo full range complex Fourier domain OCTRuikang Wang
OHSU # 1034Method and device for non-invasive analyte measurementPeter Jacobs, Dawn Konrad-Martin, Eric Wan
OHSU # 1019Newborn Screening Long-Term Follow-up Data Collection SystemChristiane Winter, Judi Tuerck, Sara Copeland, Lori Paradise Harding
OHSU # 0952Sound Identification TutorJacques de Villiers
OHSU # 0786Sigma-Point Filter-Based Integrated Navigation SystemRudolph Van der Merwe, Eric Wan, Simon Julier
OHSU # 0756Patient Service PortalMarilyn Streeter
OHSU # 0714A Method for Protecting the Internet using TCP and IP PuzzlesWu-chang Feng
OHSU # 0669ReBEL: Recursive Bayesian Estimation LibraryEric Wan, Rudolph Van der Merwe
OHSU # 0631Full Text To Speech with OGIResLPCMichael Macon
OHSU # 0595 (OGI-D)Multi-Actuator System for Active Sound and Vibration CancellationEric Wan