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OHSU # 2100MicroRNA Biomarkers for Alzheimers DiseaseJulie Saugstad, Joseph Quinn, Jodi Lapidus, Christina (Chris) Harrington, Jay Phillips, Babett Lind, Genevieve Leineweber, Andrew Kaempf, Theresa Ann Lusardi
OHSU # 2055TAAR1 SNPs for Disease Predisposition and Treatment ResponseAaron Janowsky, Tamara Phillips
OHSU # 1444Algorithm For Automated Detection of MelanomaDan Gareau, Ricky Hennesey, Steven Jacques
OHSU # 1390Profiling circulating fragments of fibrillin-1, fibrillin-2, and fibulin-4 as biomarkers for diseaseLynn Sakai, Eric Carlson, Noe Charbonneau, Susan Hayflick
OHSU # 1353Dye-Enhanced Multimodal Confocal Imaging Apparatus and MethodDan Gareau
OHSU # 1325Compounds for treating parasitic disease.Michael Riscoe, Rolf Winter, David Hinrichs
OHSU # 1191Novel location, novel object recognition test for use in children and the elderlyJacob Raber
OHSU # 1190Memory Island spatial navigation test for use in children and the elderlyJacob Raber, Dean Inman
OHSU # 1186Method to screen for cholesterol or bile acid disorders with MS/MS.Robert Steiner, Andrea DeBarber
OHSU # 1185Balance Evaluation Systems Test: BESTestFay Horak
OHSU # 1182Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Detection and Quantification of Fibrosis in Human MyocardiumMichael Jerosch-Herold, Sumeet Chugh
OHSU # 11743-D directional blood perfusion mapping by use of optical coherence angiography in vivoRuikang Wang
OHSU # 1080In vivo full range complex Fourier domain optical coherence tomographyRuikang Wang
OHSU # 1021Computer Automated Tinnitus Psychoacoustic Testing SystemJames Henry, Grayson Silaski, David Gray, Edward Porsov, Kimberly Owens